Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hormones Gone Haywire

I’m not sure what’s going on. My hormones seem to be going haywire again. I’m wondering if it’s from going to the whirlpool at the Y for my shoulder a few weeks ago. The chemicals in the water are deadly to hormone balance, and I knew that going in, but I needed some kind of relief from the pain. Now my hormones are out of kilter and my shoulder is messed up again.

It’s very frustrating when you try to do the right thing and the opposite effect occurs. I went to the chiropractor, which usually makes me feel better. This time I feel ten times worse. As if my body prefers to be maladjusted and putting it aright sets off my nerve endings.

Between that and the hormonal swings…life is a bit unpleasant at the moment. But determined soul that I am, I went grocery shopping on Monday, stocked up on all the good, whole, healthy foods I need for the first week of this new 30-Day Hormonal Balance eating plan I want to try and then blog about at the other site. (The last hormone-balancing eating plan I tried was quite successful in how it made me feel--my PMDD symptoms abated for four blissful months-but it was too heavy on the dairy products and sent my hot flashes soaring. I had to abandon it or give up sleeping.)

So Monday I was so proud of myself. My first totally pure shopping venture. No junk food in the cart. Well, there was the ice cream, but it was all natural and $2 a carton (couldn’t pass that up!) and it was for my son. I have no desire to eat any, even as miserable as I am feeling. Does that mean I am doing well? Sure doesn’t feel like it.

Anyway, the only processed food in my cart was my bedtime Cheerios. Once they’re gone, I won’t have any vices left :(.

So I came home and yesterday started the eating plan. By noon I had a raging headache. I don’t get headaches. Which just goes to show I need a certain amount of calories per day, and a certain portion of that has to be healthy carbs—or else. So for the rest of the day I only ate healthy foods on the list, didn’t give in to any cravings, but now my body’s decided it’s in starvation mode and has bloated up another couple of pounds, achieving the opposite effect of what I was after.

200 miles walked and not a pound lost—or gained. Two days off due to other commitments and 24 hours of eating only whole, healthy foods and the weight climbs 2-5 pounds, depending on the time of day. Makes no sense.

Not much makes sense right now, mentally, emotionally, or physically. Spiritually, I’m feeling good. Very upbeat and positive. Don’t know where I’d be without my faith.

Meanwhile, I continue reading and learning and listening to my body, which is screaming for something right now, some kind of relief, but I don’t know what that is. Believe me, if I knew, I’d be right on it. This is not fun.

I think I’ll make an omelet for breakfast and then go to the Y and walk. But I’ll have to stay out of the whirlpool :(.

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