Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guest Author, Kat Henry Doran

Today's Guest is Kat Henry Doran, who writes Romance with a Bite, a warm, wonderful and full-of-life fellow Rose and personal injury and medical malpractice investigator I was blessed to meet at the New Jersey Romance Writers conference last year. Kat has also put on some powerful workshops regarding her nursing work as a victim's advocate, including, "They ain't all named Bundy, Dahmer and Gacey." We share the same reading tastes and the same enthusiasm for our publisher, The Wild Rose Press. Welcome, Kat!

Who are you?

I am Kat Henry Doran; I have been writing romance fiction for more than 20 years, first published in 2004 with Wings Press. I am also a wife to one, mother to three, grandmother to three [my most favorite job EVER], a nurse-paralegal specializing in medical malpractice and personal injury cases, and. . . I design and create tote bags and purses.

What type of stories do you like to write and why?

Even though I might not start out writing romantic suspense or romantic mysteries, my stories usually end up with elements of both. I am drawn to characters who practice in the areas of law enforcement/attorneys/medical-nursing professions who, in the course of their daily responsibilities, become involved with disenfranchised/disadvantaged populations. I enjoy researching these populations such as survivors of the political and social upheaval in Central and South America during the 1970-80's. I am fascinated by the culture of the Rom, also known as Gypsies. I tend to insert at least one Irishman [often more] into my books and almost always will have a nun or a priest running around somewhere.

What type of stories do you like to read and why?

I like to read legal and political thrillers. Currently my favorite authors are Vince Flynn, Lisa Scottoline, Eileen Dreyer, JD Robb and Jessica Anderson. I was “introduced” to Lesley Langtree who writes a series about a family of contract killers at RWA in San Francisco. I greatly appreciate authors [and the men in my private life] who make me laugh out loud.

When do you read?

In the evening, before bed.; while waiting at the dentist or physician's offices; while the grandchildren are napping. I used to read in bed. Forget that. If I'm horizontal, I am gone.

Where did you get the inspiration for your current WIP?

For my current WIP, during a critique group session, my partners and I started brainstorming and managed to invent 4 out of 5 “heroes” for an anthology set in Upstate New York, on the shores of Lake Ontario, Queen of the Great Lakes. It's been great fun seeking out locations for the scenes like the [once] grand estates in this area, the lighthouses and piers which extend out onto Lake Ontario, the local elite yacht club, all those wonderful things that add spice to a setting.

Where do you go to think? To a quiet place inside my heart.

How did you come up with your title and main characters’ names? For Captain Marvelous, my current release through Wild Rose Press, I knew from the start I wanted to have the heroine tease the hero about his Captain Marvel decoder ring, so I needed a name to play off that. I also wanted the name to be of Eastern European extraction which some characters in the book would have difficulty pronouncing. After playing around with spellings, Ronen Marvelic was born. I like the persona of Wolfman Jack, an LA disc jockey with a rusty voice; only, I wanted Wolfman to be the heroine. With respect to my fascination with the Rom, I found a Romanian name in a newspaper article: Iliana; that morphed into Annie "Wolfgirl" Wolfe.

How long did you write seriously before your first book was published?

20 years or more, which is not to infer any of what I created was good.

Why do you write?

I was born to tell stories.

Nurse, insurance investigator, forensic nurse examiner, professional workshop presenter, seamstress, author, wife and mother; Kat Henry Doran has been there and done all that--and more.

A native of Upstate New York, Kat uses the years she spent haunting police stations, Emergency Rooms, and criminal courtrooms advocating for victims of sexual violence as background for her writing, which has been described as brutally realistic and starkly honest.

Even though Kat has retired her speculum and no longer paces the corridors outside Grand Jury and police interrogation rooms, she continues to advocate for disenfranchised women, currently through Panties For Peace.

For excerpts of her books and information on the professional programs Kat presents, check out


Kathy Otten said...

Good morning. I can't believe all the things you've managed to accomplish in your life. It's inspiring all the work you do to help women and other victims. Thanks for the chance to cyber-meet you.

lainey bancroft said...

You are an inspiration, Kat!

Great blog.

I love the story of how you named your characters!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

I'm proud and privileged to say I've been Kat's critique partner for close to ten years now. She is an amazing writer--she's also a hoot, we spend way too much time at our critique sessions giggling our behinds off instead of working!

I've told her this before but it bears repeating... she's the writer I want to be when I grow up.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I love how you came up with Captain Marvelous. :) And your upcoming anthology sounds intriguing.

Kat Henry Doran Author said...

Lainey, Nic, and Stacey,
thank you all for stopping by. I am thrilled you took the time out of your schedules to do this for me.

Kat Henry Doran Author said...

I responded earlier but it looks like it didn't go through. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your very kind comments.

Emma Lai said...

Great interview ladies!

Mary Ricksen said...

Loved your interview. You are an icon to be inspiring for the youth of today. I am truly amazed.

And I love to know people who are a hoot. No stiffs for me.

Kat Henry Doran Author said...

Emma and Mary,
Thanks for stopping by and for the kind thoughts. Liana is easy to interview with so this was a breeze.

An icon, huh? Could you share that opinion with my husband? He may have different ideas.

jodi said...

I'm always late. *sigh* Great interview, Kat.