Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Balance With Liana Joins The Bookspa

"Feeling a little off-center? Struggling with the chunk of time writing and promotion takes away from your personal life? We've got just what you need. Award-winning author, Liana Laverentz, is on board for our Tuesday balance sessions. She explores aspects of Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul in her quest for balance. It is possible to stimulate your mind, exercise your body, indulge your heart, and expand your soul while exploring a writing career, but you have to work to achieve the right balance for you. Learn more about this fascinating topic from a lady who is passionate about the topic."

So goes the blurb over at The Bookspa, announcing my latest venture, taking Balance With Liana on the road and adopting a weekly format instead of a monthly general Q & A session (which I will continue to do over at Long and Short Reviews, the first Thursday of every month--which is two days from today--March 5--so stop by if you can). I'm going to be hosting Balance With Liana days over at the Spa on Tuesdays, with the idea of getting into the specifics of balancing your life. Like the blurb says, I'm breaking it down into four areas - Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Each week we'll discuss specific ways to do something good for each of those areas.

Today, the very first day, however, we'll be discussing my overall plan for balance and how I stumbled upon it, then making lists of the priorities in our lives. To read how I developed my plan, please go to the Musings page on my website. (It's easier than repeating it all, here.) It's the second article, after Creating a Collage, called Finding Your Balance.

Readers, writers, even the just curious, all are welcome, so hope to see you at one place or the other. You can pop in and out throughout the day, stop by for just a few minutes, or stay as long as you like. We're very flexible over at the Spa, and at LASR, too.

Have a great week!

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Sheryl said...

Loved the one at the Bookspa, Liana. The "procrastinating positively" stuff was really helpful.

I shall rest not to sleep, but to refuel my brain!