Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And The Winner is...

Too much going on here today to even get into it. But I did want to announce the winner of January's random drawing for a copy of one of my books. The winner is....Mona Risk!

Congratulations, Mona!

Mona chose a copy of Ashton's Secret, which she said she'll be taking with her on a Fun in the Sun cruise later this month. This is the writers conference cruise I took--wow, was it two years ago already?--with several fellow writers, and it was wonderful. So wonderful I'm looking into details for my next cruise, sometime in 2012. For now, though, I'll stay on land, and keep working hard on the half a dozen projects I've got going at the moment, projects that are taking up my writing time, and leaving me with little to say here at the moment.

Soon as I have something to say, though, I'll be back! Until then, stay safe and warm, and I hope you find the time to enjoy the snow if you can, and a good book when you come back inside to get warm. Or you can skip right ahead to the good book :)

And now, I shall get back to working on my own good book...

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Kate said...

Congratulations to Mona.
I hope you finish your projects real soon so that we can hear more from you!
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