Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Summer of Reading...and Renewal

All summer long, I’ve been reading about women’s hormones, in an effort to solve my own perplexing health issues and help other women to understand how hormones affect every aspect of our lives. Namely, when our hormones are out of balance, we are out of balance. (For more detailed information on this, see my PMDD blog.) The information I provide in my blogs is not new, but unless you go looking for it, it’s not at the forefront of your awareness. Lots of shows, articles, and advertisements talk about balance these days, but what do they really know or tell you about it? Other than that their product will help you find your balance.

Not. If your hormones aren’t balanced from within, no external product is going to do it for you. No food, no drink, no cream, no supplement, no drug, no weekend away, no meditation, seminar, book, class, exercise program, or visit to your local energy healer is going to put you back in balance. That’s not to say any or all of these things can’t be beneficial in and of themselves, and for other health reasons. But they will not put you back into balance.

Just ask me. I’ve tried them all. I should be the most balanced person on the planet by now. I am not.

Do not take this to mean I am unbalanced :). That is also something I am not :).

Anyway, I’ve been spending the week getting my files and shelves organized with all my health and wellness information. It’s all starting to come together in a really good and positive way, and I am pleased with my progress of late.

But to do that, I pretty much had to give up everything else. In the month since we returned from South Dakota, I haven’t been socializing, either on the loops or in person. I’ve been going to church and that’s about it. In and out. My main source of conversation is my son, which is fine with me, since he will be returning to school in two weeks and then those days of long, lazy conversations will be over until next summer, maybe forever, if he suddenly finds a girlfriend or best friend to confide in.

I’ve also started taking Qigong classes, something I’ve wanted to do for well over 15 years. That, however, takes a big chunk out of my week, as the class is not nearby. I still walk at the Y, but not as much as I did during my 200 miles in 100 days walking challenge. My diet has changed so much over the summer I have no desire to go out to eat any more. The food is way too sweet, salty, and greasy for me. Even the supposedly healthy dishes. I’ll take home half a portion, and the next day see all that hardened fat….

Anyway, I appear to be going through a period of rebirth and renewal, growth and change, and it’s not done yet. But it’s keeping me busy and healthy, and curious to see what treasures each new day will bring.

Back to my cave, now. Much reading to do today….

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