Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ads are Not Health Advice

Just a little something to point out that ads (both then and now) don't always have your best interests at heart--so I wouldn't recommend relying on them for health advice.

This was from an email I received about ads from the 1930s. Amazing. Who knew Lysol could save a marriage?

In case you can't read the words, here they are:

Day after heartbreaking day I was held in an unyielding web...a web spun by my husband's indifference. I couldn't reach him any more. Was the fault mine? (Well of course it is, you're a woman, sweetie. So what are you going to do about it?) Well...thinking you know about feminine hygiene, yet trusting to now and then care, (oh, yes, that nasty now and then care) can make all the difference in happiness, as my doctor pointed out. He said never to run such careless risks...(never mind using something totally toxic to wash away what nature intended for you to have) and prescribed Lysol brand disinfectant, for douching--always.

But I broke through it. Oh, the joy of Tom's love and close companionship once more! Believe me, I follow to the letter my doctor's advice on feminine hygiene...(who, being a man in this case, would never have the opportunity to try this remedy himself) always use Lysol for douching. I wouldn't be satisfied now with salt, soda, or other homemade solutions. Not with Lysol a proved germ killer that cleanses so gently yet so thoroughly. It's easy to use, too, and economical. (Wow, we're even saving the family money while we poison ourselves...)

I'm not usually so snarky, but it gets to me how advertising preys on our deepest fears and insecurities to sell their products. That's the main reason I don't watch television. I don't need somebody out there telling me what I need in my life to be happy. I can decide that for myself. Health ads are the worst. Have you been to a doctor's office lately, and spent your waiting time watching the special health channel programs they offer as a public service? Interspersed between tidbits of genuinely good lifestyle advice are all these ads with happy people dancing around that you could be just like if you can talk your doctor into giving you whatever miracle pill they're promoting.

It seems the companies sponsoring these programs are creating demand for their products by making you think you have problems, diseases, and disorders you might not have, while conveniently leaving out the part that almost always there are other, safer remedies for you to try first. If you do indeed have a problem.

Seems like nothing's changed since the thirties.

Which means we need to become our own best advocates for what we put into our bodies. We need to stop listening to all the hype, and start listening to our inner wisdom. You know when something's wrong in your life or in your body, and deep down, you know that only in the most extreme cases, where genuine disease is present, is anything from an external source going to help.

My last post was on listening, on how important it is to have just one someone in your life who will listen to you and bear witness to your life. But it's equally important to take the time to listen to yourself. Our bodies are amazing and will provide the answers if we but listen to them. Mine, I know, is as sensitive as can be to any new substance (food, drug, supplement) or experience (exercise) that I introduce to it. By listening carefully, I can keep it in balance and avoid having to spend time in my doctor's office watching shows that mess with my mind.

So take time out today to listen to what your body is telling you, and let me know what you find out.

Be well...not duped.


Angela Daniels said...

Lysol for douching! My mouth was open in shock when I read that. And I agree that the advice we get from advertisers today is not much better. After switching to the much praised soy milk I realized that my body felt bloated and generally not good. So I researched soy milk and found out that it's not the health food I thought it was! Hormone imbalance being just one issue I'd like to avoid. Great post, thanks!


Maggie Toussaint said...

omigosh. I would never put Lysol THERE. Ouch.

I think we should all listen to our bodies. If something isn't right for us, our bodies let us know.

Mary Ricksen said...

These days, it's all about making money. Safe or not, look at the problems with goods from China. Sickening.

Sheryl said...

Personally, I have Tom test it first. He'd have to compromise a little, of course ;)

jodi said...

lol!! Lysol for douching. That's like saying to gargle with Lysol. Glad we moved on past that. :)