Friday, October 2, 2009

Two New Reviews for Ashton's Secret!!

This week I was blessed to receive two new reviews for Ashton's Secret, both on the same day. I couldn't be more pleased. I knew I was happy with the way it turned out, but the extra validation never hurts :) That makes 5 Smacks, 5 Books, and 5 Wings it's received so far :) Woo hoo!

Ashton’s Secret, Liana Laverentz, Romantic Suspense

Snippet: Ashton’s Secret’ blends romance and mystery with exceptional skill. Meghan, our leading lady, is intent uncovering the truth about her sister Heather’s death, years earlier. Her sister had been an apparent suicide, but when Meghan discovers an old letter, she begins to have doubts about the official findings.

Meghan travels to the little, one-stoplight town and close-knit community of Ashton, where no one wants to talk about her sister. The only person that will pay her any attention at all is none-other than Nick Hawkinson…black sheep of the town, and quite possibly a killer. Their first meeting is tense-–but a certain, subtle humor is apparent, as well. This occasional dash of humor lightens certain situations throughout, the way a brighter accent brings life to a painting. Nick is suspicious of Meghan, and she can hardly be blamed for doubts about him! These doubts are soon strengthened, as she learns some of the townies suspect him of Heather’s actual murder--if anyone wanted to admit it to be a murder, that is.

There is no accounting for the decisions of the heart though and, deadly or not, Meghan feels drawn to this possibly dangerous man. The strength of their feelings, from doubts to love, are easy to sympathize with and understand. Characters throughout this story are wonderful, deep and believable people.

Although Ashton’s Secret has all the earmarks of a typical mystery, the importance of the romance blending with some other, hard to define quality lend it a certain, heartfelt or perhaps heartwarming aura. We, as readers, have hopes and expectations. We feel Meghan’s frustration, and we wait for some resolution. We keep reading, looking for more than one resolution in fact, but throughout this novel are odd touches, where doubt changes to trust, or where fear is apparent even in a some well-meaning act. These give the story an evocative depth that is hard to define, but delightful to experience.I will look for Laverentz’ other books straightaway: this one has made me a fan. Reviewed by Snapdragon. Full review here:

Snippet: These two characters struck sparks from their first meeting. Both were trying to convince themselves that the secrets they were keeping were for the good of the investigation and for the other person…the slow opening of the hero and heroine to each other is delightful and captivating. Each conversation between them adds another layer to their personalities, making them real, living, breathing people with enough emotion to jump off the page at you…I couldn’t put down this story, lost sleep to finish it and I will be reading more of her. Reviewed by Melissa. Full review here.

Thank you, Snapdragon and Melissa!


Terry Odell said...

I love reviews where the reviewer "gets it". Almost as much where they rave about the 'theme' or 'symbolism' in the book and you had no idea you were putting them in at all.

Hywela Lyn said...

Great reviews Liana, so happy for you, but not at all surprised!

robynl said...

Hi Liana,
The other day I received your book I won 'Jake's Return'. I can not seem to find an e-mail addy for you so am posting my sincere thanks here for the book. Thanks so much Liana.


Anonymous said...
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