Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guest Author, Skhye Moncrief

Today's guest is queen of the contests, Skhye Moncrief. Skhye was the impetus behind the phenomenally successful Christmas Ride Blog, where you had to visit 28 blog sites during the holidays and guess the Christmas Carol at each site, to be entered in a drawing for a $75 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press. Readers liked it so much, we're doing it again in February for Valentine's Day. Details will be posted here soon. Welcome, Skhye, and thank you for the opportunity to get to know you a little better!

Who are you?

I’m a stay-at-home mother formally educated in geology and bioarchaeology with a three-year old. I maintain my sanity by writing fantasy romance. I’m currently published with and have three books in print. My King Arthur was a time-traveling-shape-shifting-dragon novel, HE OF THE FIERY SWORD, two additional Time Guardian stories that go with the dragon tale in HAUNTED HEARTS, & my novella ANCIENT MUSINGS in the SONG OF THE MUSES BOOK 1.

What type of stories do you like to write and why?

I tend to write stories that deal with life and death. That’s kind of a byproduct from studying life and death (bioarchaeology). Although, my fascination with connecting with things lost to time could very well be the true connection. Archaeologists are insane about saving the past. If you like stories about soul mates and reincarnation, you may like mine.

What type of stories do you like to read and why?

I find I’m drawn to new worlds or those created that coexist with our world. I’m usually pleased when I’m surprised -- as I have the “ah-ha” moment of realizing where the spark of the idea originated for the author. Then I stick around for the sexual tension. I get a kick out of culture shock that can make me laugh!

When do you write ?

Whenever I can steal time to write.

When do you read? Where?

I read in absolute silence. The trick is finding it.

Where did you get the inspiration for your current work in progress?

My current wip is being fueled by SLAYERS AND THEIR VAMPIRES, a book on the history of the slayers of what a culture defines as monsters. I started reading it for one or another reason and this whole world mushroomed. It’s in the works now.

Where do you go to think?

I hide in the bathtub with hot water and bubbles. Of course, my three-year old is asking me questions through the door. I don’t know if I get much thinking done! I’ve started thinking on the elliptical machine too…

How did you come up with your title and main characters’ names?

My current wip title was in an article in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER. It had nothing to do with the paranormal I’m writing. But the two words struck me as the perfect title. I usually use Gaelic names because I write Celtic time-travel fantasy romance. Those are easy. I flip through dictionaries looking for cool words with perfect meanings. My current wip requires I make the names up. I’m working hard not to make them sound Chinese or any other recognizable language.

How long did you write seriously before your first book was published?

Maybe 6 years. I can’t remember. LOL That’s before baby. Everything’s a blur before baby.

Why do you write?

I write because I’m terribly addicted to being able to control my own little world. ;) It’s so sad that we control nothing else…

Today’s contest:

To win a pdf of HE OF THE FIERY SWORD, please tell me location and time period where this first Time Guardian story takes place. Just post your answer here as a comment by midnight CST tonight to enter to win.

In closing, I blog about reference books at Yes, I’m certifiably geek! ;) Visit me at and where I’ve posted my first chapters for the curious to peruse as well as my free read VOW OF SUPERSTION: DRAGON’S BLOOD. HAUNTED HEARTS is available only in print at SONG OF THE MUSES BOOK 1 (print version) at All of my e-books are found at
Thanks for having me, Liana. ~Skhye


Hywela Lyn said...

Fascinating interview Skhye and Liana - Skhye how lovely to see ou here my muse sister!

I've read 'He Of The Fiery Sword' and it's one of the most original stories I've ever read. I loved your 'freeread' too, and of course
'Ancient Musings' Keep on writing these wonderful fantasies, Skhye!

Skhye said...

Aw thanks, Lyn! And thanks for stopping by. Skhye

BethRe said...

I like the idea of hiding out to think in a nice bubble bath

Emma Lai said...

Great interview Skhye. I started reading 'He of the Fiery Sword.' The opening tugs at my heart. Can't wait to finish!

Debra St. John said...

Hi Liana and Skhye! Thanks for the interview. I also need absolute quiet to read so I can completely immerse myelf in a story.

Penny said...

Hi, Skyhe! As soon as my TBR pile gets whittled to a manageable size, your books are on the top of the list of new acquisitions. I'm so ready to get through edits and have a release date. That will cut down stress levels and I can enjoy *just* reading again. I'm all about hot showers. (My tub's not big enough to soak in - lol)

PJ - writing as Silver James

angie said...

GREAT INTERVIEW SKYE the books i have read of yours have left me wanting more

when im reading or listening i shut everyone out til im done

Mary Ricksen said...

Gosh I love this cover it's fabulous. Who did it?
The book I am sure, is just as wonderful. Everything you write is. Don't ever stop giving us all the best escape ever. Reading your books!

Skhye said...

Smart thinking, Beth!

Emma, I can never read the opening to HE OF THE FIERY SWORD without boohooing. ;) Of course, the guy gets the girl in a romance. So, you do get a HEA!

Debra, I can't even sit where people are walking by... or near a window. I am easily distracted.

Well, Silver, those edits seem to haunt a person forever. I wish you a quick end to a writer's chores. :)

Thanks, Angie!

Mary, Tara West made this cover. I luuuuuv it! I hope your day is coming along better now.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Debby said...

The time guardian series is fantastic. The first one is 11th century Ireland with King Arthur. really neat.

Skhye said...

Thanks, Debby! And thank you for stopping by.

Phyllis said...

I enjoyed reading all your answers to the questions. I can read just about anywhere. I never leave home without at least one book.

Skhye said...

Thanks for stopping by, Phyllis!

Laurie B said...

Great interview. The books sound great. The first guardian book is set in 11th century Ireland.

tigger9 said...

It is set in 11th century Ireland with King Arthur.

Skhye said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laurie & tigger9!

vicky said...

Hi, Skhye, great interview. Now if we could only get some of those were-penguins off the ground...

Skhye said...

Vicky, I really can't think of a thing to do with were-penguins. And I've been told I have an incredible imagination... I guess those creatures are dead in the water. LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Skhye said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Laurie B! You won a pdf of HE OF THE FIERY SWORD. Please e-mail me at to collect your prize.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat. And thank you, Liana, for having me here. Have a fabulous rest of the week!

Laurel Bradley said...

Eleventh century Ireland sounds like a great setting for a book with a shapeshifting dragon.