Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Miniature Golf, Anyone?

Well the birthday celebrations are almost over--dinner last Thursday, and a cake last night, and got a phone call yesterday that said one more gift and a special activity coming...

Maybe we'll go play miniature golf--I love miniature golf. Found out this summer when my parents came to visit that I am really, really into it. I've always enjoyed it, but this summer I was intense about it, made it a priority to go and play. When I feel that intensely about something, I always take time out to stop and wonder why.

I like the precision. I like the planning. I like the way you have to look ahead and examine the possibilities. I like how if you let someone else go first, you can see what not to do :) I like the way you have to sail past or around, or use the obstacles placed in your path to your advantage. I like the way you have to keep your eye on your goal to make the shot.

I like beating par, and even better, getting it right in one shot.

I like it because it's a metaphor for Life :).


Sheryl said...

I'm wondering though, if the metaphor might be, focus but have fun?

Sound like a plan to me.

jodi said...

I like the benches, lol. My kids like the windmills and water features. But above all--I like the things where you putt the ball in, and it spits it right back out at you. I don't know if that's a good thing, or what it says about me. But they make me laugh. :)